You’re Invited to our Kitten Baby Shower

You’re Invited to our Kitten Baby Shower

It’s Kitten Season in rural SW Virginia’s Wise County and the surrounding areas we serve.   Every week we find many kittens in community colonies of unspayed/unneutered cats.  We have our hands full trying to find them fosters/adopters and RESCUE PARTNERS who can transport and adopt them out of our very rural area.  So we wanted to invite you to be part of their baby steps forward.

” During the entire month of July we’re hosting an online Baby Shower for our 300+ little fuzz balls.   The addition of these little colony surprises has stretched all our resources to non-existence.   But we’re committed to them, and need your kind, generous help.

It’s simple too!  All you need to do is start your shopping at AMAZON SMILE. Here’s our link. Wise County Humane Society AmazonSmile KITTEN BABY SHOWER WISHLIST

Are you supporting Wise County Humane Society when you make those awesome Amazon purchases?    Shop through Amazon Smile….the charity side of Amazon.  To date they’ve donated more than $100M to charities in the last 5 years.

We’ve made the shopping easy — done 24/7 from the comfort of your home, with a few little clicks  and hopefully with one of your own furr babies in your lap or jockeying for a spot on your laptop.   (Yes, we totally can relate!)

It’s a total WIN WIN WIN!!

You get to pick a present our 300+ kittens need and will love = WIN!

For your purchase, Amazon (Smile) will make a donation to Wise County Humane Society, at no extra cost to you = WIN, WIN!

BONUS…you get to have the most amazing feeling of knowing you helped desperate, deserving little fuzz balls make baby steps to finding their furr-ever homes  = WIN, WIN, WIN = Major homerun!!

Can you hear them purring huge THANK YOUs for the love and hope you’ve given these tiny bundles of fuzz?  You bet they are, with full bellies of your baby shower presents of milk supplement and kitten food you graciously donated!

Again, here’s our link. Wise County Humane Society AmazonSmile KITTEN BABY SHOWER WISHLIST

Please be sure to include your name and contact info so we can send you a personal thank you from the kittens themselves.   Okay, we might provide them a little assistance because they’ll be so busy playing in the Amazon boxes and wrapping paper.  If you’ve got cats, you know just what we’re talking about!

We are so grateful for your support of Wise County Humane Society.    Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see the updates on how all our little babies are thriving thanks to you.  We’ll also be posting photos of the ongoing Kitten Baby Shower Celebration!    #wisecountyhumanesocietyVA, #wisecountycatsandkittens, #wisecountyadoptionevents

SHARE this post with all your friends, and any animal rescue you are affiliated with.   We are in continual need of RESCUE PARTNERS to help us transport the 300+ Cats/Kittens and Dogs/Puppies out of our very rural area of Southwest Virginia to a loving furr-ever home.

Here’s a snapshot of who/where we are:

Wise County Humane Society is a 501c3 non-profit corporation located in rural Southwest Virginia in the heart of Appalachia.

Our region has been hit hard by the decline of the coal mining industry. Many owned cats and dogs have not been spayed or neutered. As a result, throughout the spring and summer months, there is a large population of unwanted kittens and puppies. Animal abandonment— at dumpsters, fast food restaurants, gas stations, etc. — is common. In addition, many residents cannot afford to have their pets vaccinated or to seek veterinary care when their pets are sick or injured. Every day, we receive requests for help for unwanted or abandoned litters and sick or injured animals.


  • To help with affordable spay/neuter for companion pets when we have funds are available.
  • To transport unwanted animals to rescue partners for a second chance forever home
  • To practice Trap/Neuter//Return of community (unowned) cats and provide food, shelter, and veterinary care for colonies when our funding permits.
  • To provide education for responsible pet ownership in Wise and surrounding counties.

On behalf of the animals we strive to care for (homeless and community) THANK YOU for your generosity of donations and spreading the word on our tremendous daily need!!



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