About WCHS

Wise County Humane Society is an all-volunteer, non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization located in rural Southwest Virginia in the heart of Appalachia.   We serve Wise, Russell, Lee & Dickenson counties.

Our region has been hit hard by the decline of the coal mining industry.

  • Regional household income is ½ of Virginia median average.
  • 30% of the families here have no one working.
  • Most towns in the communities we serve are more than 1 hour from closest emergency vet.
  • There are 1000+ community/colony cats in need of TNR.
  • No municipal shelter in our region follows a NO-KILL policy. Russell County shelter does not even accept cats.
  • 3800 local shelter animals were euthanized in 2018.
  • 26,961 local shelter animals have been killed since 2013 simply because they had no where to go.
  • Majority of owned cats/dogs have not been spayed/neutered. As a result, there is a large population of unwanted kittens & puppies from pet owners alone.
  • Many residents cannot afford pet vaccines or vet care when animals are sick or injured.
  • Animal abandonment – at dumpsters, fast food restaurants, gas station, etc is common.
  • EVERY day, WCHS receives numerous requests for help to remove unwanted or abandoned litters, and sick/injured animals. Unfortunately there is no place for them to go.
An animal’s only chance of survival is transporting to RESCUE PARTNERS outside our region.
  • To help with affordable spay/neuter for companion pets
  • To transport unwanted animals to rescue partners for a second chance forever home
  • To practice Trap/Neuter//Return of community (unowned) cats and provide food, shelter, and veterinary care for colonies
  • To provide education for responsible pet ownership in Wise and surrounding counties.

Since our incorporation in December 2016, Wise County Humane Society has helped with over 650 spay/neuter surgeries. Our work is made possible through private donations, grants, and the support of partnering organizations: Animal Defense League of Washington County and the Holly Help Spay-Neuter Fund of Bristol, Virginia.

We partner with Angels of Assisi, a Roanoke-based rescue, which sends a van to Wise County to pick up and transport cats and dogs to Roanoke for surgery. To date, over 300 Wise County dogs and cats have been spayed or neutered by Angels of Assisi.

Wise County Humane Society volunteers regularly transport dogs and cats to and from the Margaret B. Mitchell Spay-Neuter Clinic in Bristol, VA.

To make an appointment, call (276) 870-8905 or contact us now or on Facebook.


In the summer of 2018, Wise County Humane Society raised funds to help Angels of Assisi send their mobile veterinary clinic to Wise County: to Pound, Virginia in June, and to Appalachia in July. The response was overwhelming: over 350 animals were examined and treated, and many serious illnesses were identified. In Appalachia, the Assisi team began working at 9:00 AM; they were still seeing patients at 10:30 PM.

This is the Coalfield Progress article on the mobile clinic that Wise County Humane Society brought into Pound, VA.


We are excited to announce an exclusive partnership from July through December with the DC cat café Crumbs and Whiskers to supply kittens for the “Kitten Lounge,” a new café specializing in kitten adoptions.

This past spring, 70 kittens from Wise, Russell, Lee, and Dickenson Counties were transported to the Kitten Lounge. Most of the kittens shown in this Washington Post article about the Kitten Lounge came from Wise County. Henry, the orange tabby featured in the article, was abandoned at a local motel on Thanksgiving Day. He was so sick that he was barely able to walk. Because the desk clerk had dogs at her home in Kentucky, she was unable to take Henry home with her. A local veterinarian treated Henry the next morning, and he made a full recovery.

Anna, the long-haired tabby, was an unweaned kitten literally on her way to the Wise County Animal Shelter when the Wise County Humane Society intervened. Because Anna’s mother was feral and Anna and her siblings were unweaned, the entire family would have been euthanized had they made it to the shelter.

The black and white kitten in the article came from a local church and also had a feral mother.:


When we include work done by members of our organization in years prior to Wise County Humane Society’s incorporation, we have helped over 650 community cats in the following locations: Big Stone Gap: 173 cats; Wise: 171 cats; Norton: 128 cats; Coeburn: 80 cats; Pound: 40 cats: Appalachia: 13 cats; St. Paul: 2 cats; Lee County: 11 cats; Harrogate, TN: 7 cats; Castlewood: 6 cats; Tazewell: 6 cats; Abingdon: 1 cat; Lebanon: 13 cats; Kentucky: 1 cat; and 1 kitten rescued along Interstate 81 near Marion.