Barn Buddies & Marvelous Mousers

Are you in need of rodent patrol 24/7?    We’ve got the expert team of candicats waiting to work for you.

“The Graduates of the Barn Buddies & Marvelous Mousers Program of Wise County Humane Society are the best fuzzy four-legged patrol officers coming out of SW Virginia.

Their very rural environment has allowed them to hone their stalking and catching skills with laser sharp focus & accuracy.

EVERY barn, commercial building and any other location needing a little invisible fencing to ward off unwanted critters should CONTACT  WCHS immediately.

It will be the best phone call/email you make.”   With 100% recommendation & endorsement — IB RodentFree


Our Talented Pool of Candicats’  EXPERTISE:

  • Superior Night Vision
  • Stealth Stalking Tactics
  • Unwavering 24 hour/7 days a week Work-Ethic
  • Ability to Adapt to New Environments
  • Talented Team Players, their is no “I” in CAT

Their desired SALARY PACKAGE:

  • Safe shelter
  • Fresh water & supplemental food
  • Medical coverage when needed
  • A really cool name
  • A companion or 2

To schedule an interview from an outstanding candidate pool of 1000+ of SW Virginia’s certified Barn Buddies & Marvelous Mouser graduates of Wise County Humane Society, please call our HR department at 276-870-8905.    You can also inquire online.

We look forward to supplying the BEST CANDI-CATS to help solve your challenging rodent problems.

Saving Animals.  Serving Community.