Here’s an overview of how your donations will be used.   Every $$ helps daily.   Please give the GIFT OF LIFE AND LOVE to help the homeless animals of Wise, Lee, Russell & Dickenson counties in SW Virginia.   Additionally, your donations also help us assist the many local residents in need of food/medical for their companion owned pets.

Thank you for your support & generosity.

Give it a shot A rabies or distemper shot $5
Let’s eat A bag of food $10
Safe House A safe place for a pet $20
Well fed Pet food for a month $30
We’ve got gas A tank of gas for the transport van $40
Let’s Fix this Spay/neuter of a pet $50
Worm outta this! Dewormer for 50 pets $100
Gimme Shelter Rent for the transport shelter building $500
Fifty Fixes Mobile vet van to spay/neuter 50 pets $3000


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